The Panel

The Wednesfield South Community First Panel is made up of people from across our community with interested residents/individuals, to members of already pre-existing tenants and residents associations, community groups, local business representatives and elected members.

We currently have 8 “seats” on the panel who will vote on the applications received and recommend who will receive the funding. CDF themselves make the final decision on whether funding is given to the applicants the panel recommend.

The Wednesfield South Community First Panel members are:

Seat 1: James Clarke – Co-founder of local community website and main contact for the panel.
Seat 2: Ranjit Dhillon – Local resident and deputy contact
Seat 3: Kath Allen – Tithe Road TRA
Seat 4: Paul Singh – Resident
Seat 5: Dave Newton – March End TRA
Seat 6: Ron Brown – Wednesfield Football Club
Seat 7: Simon Hamilton – Resident
Seat 8: Joint seat for elected Councillors

Additional support being given by:

Steph Jennings  – Co-founder of

The Wednesfield South Community First Panel Partner is Wednesfield Parochial Charity represented by Reverend Nick Watson.

If you would like to register an interest in becoming a panel member, please contact the panel on: