Funding Recommendation #5 – Wednesfield FC

The panel received two funding applications from Wednesfield FC when we last met. At the time there was some confusion and we weren’t aware that we couldn’t fund the same organisation twice in the same year, due to this we recommended both funding applications from the football club.

Luckily upon speaking to CDF we were informed that the funding for year 2 was now available (something we hadn’t been told about previously!), so we were able to allocate one application to year 1 and another to year 2.

The application which we recommended and was allocated to year 2 was to train 7 youth football coaches on the F.A. Level 1 coaching scheme.

The £1,134 bid means that the club would have 7 F.A qualified coaches who will train the junior youth players for a minimum of 3 years, securing the club’s youth set up for the foreseeable future.

This application met our youth provision priority and the panel felt that this was a great way for the Community First money to be spent.

*Ron Brown the panel member from Wednesfield FC declared an conflict of interest and did not take part in the decision making process.


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