Funding Recommendation #4 – Wednesfield FC

Along with the joint bid with Wood End Tenants Association for a Jubilee event, the panel has also recommended Wednesfield FC’s solo bid to fund their Monday night youth club.

The football club want to expand on their existing Monday night ‘X-Box Nights’ to include more healthy and active session both indoors & outdoors. To do this they need to buy equipment for these sessions.

This application meets our ‘youth provision’ priority.

The panel has recommended an application for £909.13 – this will fund everything from badminton and cricket sets, to fitness DVDs and mobile Netball posts, all of which should mean there are plenty of activities on offer to local youngsters!

After a discussion with CDF about splitting the funding for this bid and the club’s 2nd bid over two years, the bid was approved.

The panel also asked during the application process if they could visit the club on a Monday night to see how the sessions were going once the equipment had been purchased. We hope to report back soon!

*Ron Brown the panel member from Wednesfield FC declared an conflict of interest and did not take part in the decision making process.


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