Panel Meeting 15.03.12

Last Thursday (15th Mar) we met to take another step forward with our panel. We’ve decided on time frames to get things moving and discussed how we are going to run the meetings to move the process on.


We hope that by 22nd Mar this website will be up to date with how you can apply for funding and the application form available to download – James and Steph ( who are responsible for making sure this gets done) will send a link to the rest of the panel who can “sign it off” so we can start the push to publicise the funding before we run out of time for year one allocations! – If you’ve found this website before then, welcome to our work in progress.

We hope to really get the ball rolling from March 26th!!

We have also filled the last vacant seat on our panel.

We had two groups approach us expressing an interest in the final space, so we discussed the pros and cons of both parties – looking at the representation of the community we already had around the table and then voted, we’ll update you with who filled the seat once we have heard back from both parties to say they have received our emails and they know themselves who’ll be representing Wednesfield South.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 26th April – giving us a month from the unofficial start date to see how we’re getting on and look at any applications we may have received.


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